• Research & Development

    Coda Resources has a proud tradition of innovation. Coda has two R&D teams—one in the US and one in China—that work together with our customers to come up with exciting new products that are always on the cutting edge of their industries.

  • Manufacturing

    Coda Resources' core manufacturing competencies include injection molded plastics and small metal parts stamping. Coda is a truly unique company because it maintains its own wholly-owned, 20-acre manufacturing complex in Heze, China. Having its own factory with its own employees allows for the highest quality and most efficient manufacturing possible.

    In addition to its own factories, Coda's China offices have developed an extensive network of partner factories. This ensures that Coda can manufacture high quality products outside of its core competencies, yet still monitor the process with their own QC team on site and get its customers the products they expect in the time they need them.

  • Quality Assurance

    Coda Resources has an extensive network of engineers, product testers, auditors, and quality assurance representatives located across all of their US and Asia locations. Within Coda's own wholly-owned factories, QA personnel conduct intensive audits to make sure that all products, processes and equipment are of the highest quality. At each of Coda's partner factories, Coda directly employs QA personnel who all have a vested interest in making sure that all products that leave the facility meet our high standards.

  • Sourcing

    Coda Resources has two highly skilled teams of sourcing professionals that work in three offices across China and the US. Coda's China offices and US offices work together to transform a typical sourcing operation into the strong and efficient sourcing powerhouse that it is.

    The difference between a typical sourcing operation and Coda's is that Coda is not only able to simply get a customer a particular product, but that it is also able to get reliable information quickly and vet potential vendors with a high level of scrutiny and care, ensuring that the product that the customer requested is actually the product that they receive. Coda can accomplish this because it has real "boots on the ground"--actual Coda employees--who can visit vendors on a moment's notice, inspect product before it ships out and solve any problems right at the source.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Coda Resources is a vertically integrated company that owns and/or controls a network of factories in China, two sourcing offices in China, and three distribution centers in the US. All of these networks are in constant contact with Coda's New York headquarters, ensuring smooth operations from beginning to end. Coda employees oversee production, quality control, shipping & logistics, warehousing, distribution, and delivery so that its customers always get what they want, when they want it.

  • Partnership

    If there is one word that guides Coda Resources in all of its business, it is the word "partnership." Coda sees its relationships with its employees, vendors and customers as different types of partnerships--all of which rely on trust, commitment and honor.

    In 1947 when Abraham Tropper founded Coda Resources (formerly CNC) he didn't supply his customers with any products that they couldn't get from a dozen other companies. They still chose to do business with him because he offered them more than mere product; he offered them a true commitment to service. He treated them as partners because he knew that when his partners succeed, so would he because everyone is playing for the same team. 

    Whether you are looking to become a vendor or a customer, Coda Resources invites you to partner with us. Coda will satisfy all of your needs like they have for hundreds of other companies over the past 70 years.